Conveyor belt maintenance programs

As well as supplying first class conveyor belts, we also offer comprehensive installation and conveyor belt maintenance services. An integral part of the conveyor belt maintenance service is carrying out inspections and making recommendations for preventative maintenance measures that help minimise the risk of breakdowns. We offer conveyor belt service packages to ensure that optimise the working time of your conveyors so that your production can run non-stop if necessary. In this way, we can help you to achieve the best possible operational lifetime out of your conveyor belts.

Conveyor belt inspections

As part of the conveyor belt maintenance service, we will carry out inspections and make recommendations for preventative maintenance to help minimise the risk of further breakdowns.

Conveyor belt diagnostics

To ensure continuous monitoring of your belt and on-spot damage detection, we can provide you with belt diagnostics systems. Thanks to this new technology, the system will detect a problem before it becomes serious. In this way, a small timely repair can help to avoid a much bigger repair or even the loss of an entire conveyor belt and all of the costs associated with a major stoppage.